In-Depth #4 – In-Depth in Isolation

In stressful, changing times like these, it can be hard to find the motivation to practice our skills and hobbies. A global pandemic makes it easy to feel helpless and stray away from the things we normally love to do, which is why I have made an effort to put extra work into my In-Depth... Continue Reading →

In-Depth #3 – The context of mentorship

I'm happy to say that my In-Depth has been going beautifully (pun intended). I've started exploring the world of special effects makeup and also did a bit of beauty makeup in the past two weeks. Leah taught me how to create a simple cut across my hand using scar wax, foundation, bruise-colored eyeshadows, spirit gum,... Continue Reading →

In-Depth #2 – Mentorship

My In-Depth project is off to a great start! I'm having a lot of fun and learning a lot about makeup artistry. So far, I've tried four different makeup looks (one of them being creative art and the rest being regular/beauty). Leah, my mentor, and I had our first meeting this previous Monday. She taught... Continue Reading →

In-Depth #1 – Here We Go Again!

For In-Depth this year I am going to learn how to do Special Effects Makeup, Beauty Makeup, and Creative Art Makeup. I will be designing and executing 12 makeup looks as my final project, with 4 from each topic (SFX, Beauty, Creative Art). I am eager to start learning from my mentor, Leah E.H, and... Continue Reading →

Eminent Introductory Blog Post – 2019

I am drawn to Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, commonly known as Lady Gaga, for this year's Eminent project because of her undaunted views and attitude towards self-expression, LGBT rights, and personal well-being. I can relate to Lady Gaga as a learner through her methods of teaching; Gaga uses music to reach into the hearts of... Continue Reading →

Career Ed- Teaching Programs

  SFU Crandall University UBC Prerequisites Must have a total of 60 units.  Once admission has been granted, the student's program must be approved by the Faculty of Education.  Major or minor requirements also must be approved by the department(s) in which these requirements are administered GPA 2.5+ (approximately last 60 units of undergraduate coursework)... Continue Reading →

Career Ed. 10 Table

  Teacher Lawyer  Musician Education A bachelors degree in education A provincial teaching certificate extra training for teachers who specialize in special education or second language instruction assessment by the employer for those teaching English as a second language or French immersion previous experience working with children or youth or volunteering in schools at least... Continue Reading →

Hamilton Song Analysis DOL: You’ll be Back

A: Character Development Lin-Manuel Mirandas "You'll be back" from the musical Hamilton features the first onstage appearance of King George III. As mentioned briefly in Farmer Refuted, King George III is the King of England at this time. Being the main antagonist of Act 1, he is a very entitled, pouty nihilist that believes that "[he] will fight the... Continue Reading →

Science 9 TED Talk

Click the links below to access each part of the project: TED TALK Disclaimer: My Powerpoint was not able to be fully visible in the shot due to my camera, so some slides are cut off. See powerpoint below for clarification on slides. I would recommend turning on the subtitles/closed captions I made for the video.... Continue Reading →

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